RESPONSIBLE LUXURY Marei1998 is a ready-to-wear and accessories label for the new era. Focusing on feminine, sophisticated silhouettes with impeccable details and Eco-conscious materials like recycled nylon, vegan leather, velvet and faux fur, the house offers a signature take on enduring elegance. Each collection explores the notions of romantic old-world glamour balanced with a contemporary sense of ease. Founded in 2015 by Maya Reik, Marei1998 is rooted in a classic-modernist design sensibility, uncompromising quality and respect for the planet. In 2019, the brand became an official member of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).

.."Today's woman knows no limits. The fact that a women can buy herself a Vegan faux fur coat to me is a celebration of freedom and power. I am inspired by women who have fought for gender acceptance and an evolution of social-gender norms in how women should fit into society. The fact that a woman will buy and choose the faux fur coat for herself is significant and a statement in itself considering the history behind the fur material.. More so she will style herself in brands with which she relates to the ideals and values. Knowing in greater detail the value of the garments she’s going to wear, who designed it, where and how it was produced, and what are the social values behind it are part of it.." - Maya Reik