100% VEGAN

We are animal lovers. We aim reduce our impact on the planet to ensure all species have a future to look forward to.
Our collections are cruelty-free, We make every effort to minimize production waste in our design studio by responsibly cutting garments and leaving minimal scraps. Working with thoroughly vetted suppliers around the world, we source the highest-quality vegan leathers, faux furs, recycled nylons and other materials and partner with factories that uphold our environmental values.





We are happy to customize each furless frame piece with a message of your choosing embroidered into the textile.

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"Time spent at home made us think about our home environment and how to incorporate sustainable pieces for a more sustainable lifestyle and aesthetic. As a slow fashion label we are constantly researching new materials, innovation in production and sources of inspiration to feed our creativity. As a result, we have produced a limited-edition Marei 1998 home capsule featuring a rug, one of a kind framed faux fur art pieces made of sustainable materials, and a notebook made entirely of recycled, naturally Sewn cotton papers."

- Maya Reik