Marei1998 is an international womenswear fashion house, founded and helmed by the autodidact designer and artist Maya Reik.
During her early youth, Reik became heavily influenced by her extensive travels throughout Europe, Japan and South Africa. Upon her return, she decided to start her own business, bringing together different cultures and aesthetics.
Due to its unique nature, Marei1998 reaches the global audience, providing a new take on classic luxury and reviving traditional styles with new character and contemporary relevance.


New Vision of Luxury.

Simplicity is a key for Marei1998.
From precious materials to defined silhouettes and close attention to details, the brand praises glory through minimalism.



Forever Relevant.

Redefining classicism is a commitment.
In quest for the finest materials and highest-end producers, the products are relevant to the world we live in now and in the future.



Contemporary Heritage.

Marei1998 values tradition.
Using artisanal techniques in visionary applications, the brand and its products embody multicultural values and eclectic approach.



Self Expression.

Marei1998 represents a certain art de vivre.
Portraying an image of bold grace, the brand cultivates elegance and intrigue to elevate feminine allure. Marei1998's products are crafted to empower women while leaving room for individuality.