MAREI 1998 is an international womenswear fashion house founded by autodidact designer and artist Maya Reik, who serves as Creative Director.  
Upon returning from extensive travels to Japan, Paris, Italy, South Africa and the far reaches of Europe, Reik became inspired by the elegant history of the world's most unique cultures and landscapes, which are manifested into each collection and piece under the MAREI 1998 label, including it's signature eco-fur coats. MAREI 1998 champions the design influences from three continents, embodying the zeitgeist of the Art Deco period and Neo-Classical renaissance and drawing inspiration from the aesthetics and artistic approaches of Man Ray, Modigliani and Matisse. Each and every piece within the MAREI 1998 label is produced and handmade in northern Italy, with hand-embroidery from India. 
During her early youth, Reik became heavily influenced by her travels to the enigmatic and brooding coast of Iceland; the orientalist-fashioned resorts in the African savannah; and the elegant and minimalist Kimonos sported by geishas in Japan. The world in its most romantic sense is definitive of the MAREI 1998 aesthetic. The result is a new take on classic luxury, reviving traditional styles with a new character and contemporary relevance for worldwide audiences.
MAREI 1998 has been well received by international fashion critics and stylists, with Vogue.com celebrating the label for its "contrarian approach (that) extends to her classic-modernist design sensibility—an unusually subdued approach for a media-savvy Gen Z-er," with The New York Times referencing the label as an ultra-luxe fashion line that includes Carolyn Bessette-esque silk sheath dresses and eco-fur-trimmed robes that nod to the romantic Art Deco period of the 1930s." Select pieces by MAREI 1998 have been worn and lauded by the likes of Bella Hadid, Amy Adams and Priyanka Chopra, among other well known luminaries.