Growing up in the coastal Israeli village of Beit Yanai, I spent many days with my grandmother Miriam. Despite her advanced age, she was a confident world traveler with strong opinions and a chic wardrobe. I was mesmerized with her vintage pieces and stories of a time gone by.

As I got older, I caught the travel bug and fell hard for old European cities. I strolled the streets of Rome, Paris and London, admiring the art, architecture and street markets where I searched for lost treasures. I loved how the sprawling parks and gardens weaved into the neighborhoods, creating pockets of tranquility amidst the bustling city life. This balance of green spaces and ornate buildings left a lasting impression.

I started dreaming of designing my own world—a collection that paid tribute to timeless style and the beauty of nature in a way that was meaningful for my generation.

Marei 1998 is the convergence of old-school glamour and a modern mindful mindset. I love dreaming up classic, feminine silhouettes and making them responsibly out of sustainable, vegan materials that lessen the harm to our planet. Our collections are discerning and thoughtful, made to last and to complement your personal style. When you buy a Marei 1998 piece, it will be with you for a long time. Wear it well.