Our Furless Fur is strictly sourced from the highest-end,
eco-suppliers across EUROPE. 


Marei1998 was built upon an admiration for the old fashion traditions.
Yet, our respect for heritage has never deprived us from progress. We are a modern brand, and as such, we
are committed to the ongoing research of alternative materials and working techniques, that allow us to
operate a responsible business.

What is furless fur?

Furless Fur is actually Faux Fur, a sustainable alternative to genuine Fur.
Our Faux Fur is strictly sourced from manufactures that use by-products of the oil industry, and is composed
of various Acrylic, Mod Acrylic and Recycled-Polyester textile mixes.


We strive for excellence. no compromises.
This is reflected in our design ethos, innovative materials and quality products. Our Faux Fur delivers
a message of authenticity and optimism; it looks and feels like genuine Fur, and yet, it is completely

Nonetheless, we are not oblivious to its resemblance to genuine Fur; and due to this likeliness, we
are dedicated to communicating our Furless products in a clear and responsible manner, doing
our best in avoiding a potential negative effect.

We Are Proud To Have Found A Way To Preserve The Past Traditions
We Value So Much, Without Having To Sacrifice Our Beliefs.

 Marei1998 offers a range of Faux Fur pieces, which represent a mindful alternative for genuine Fur
products. Each of our designs is made with an utmost attention to details, carrying a hand-stitched
I AM FURLESS label. This is meant to demonstrate our commitment to using animal-free materials.  

Our Furless Story started a couple of years ago, and ever-since we have undertaken the mission to
always surpass ourselves. A big vision, however, never comes without a challenge.
While we carefully select our suppliers to measure up to our expectations and produce our materials
in an environmentally-friendly manner, we are fully aware to the fact that our Faux Fur is still synthetic.
For this reason, we created a timeless product.

Although non-perishable, our pieces are all precious; and just like anything that is worthy of keeping,
we do encourage our customers to care for their items, so that they could be passed on from one
generation to the other.