Preserving the past while cultivating the future.

Our appreciation for heritage and love for nature have pushed our boundaries to discover and implement new working habits that allow us to minimize our environmental footprint.

Not only do we exclusively work with Eco-friendly Faux Fur suppliers and Green factories, but we also apply environmentally-supportive technological innovations. Marei1998 uses advanced CAD tools - such as Optitex, throughout its production array.  From planning to prototyping, all phases are seamlessly performed through
2D\3D integrated platforms. This allows us to efficiently manage our time, cost, workforce and raw materials.

Combining cutting-edge technologies, sustainable materials and ground-breaking tools, we provide a new take on classic luxury, reviving time-honored styles and workmanship with new character and contemporary relevance.



Pushing back against the pressure to deliver new products at an ever-faster clip, we reject the idea of a constant cycle of trends and align ourselves with the Slow Fashion movement  to design pieces that will last for years to come.

Correspondingly, we introduce three collections a year; all of which are envisioned and crafted to align with our mission to delivering everlasting fashion, designed to  be passed on from one generation to the other.  Our iconic carry on pieces are usually featured in every collection, further supporting the idea of eternity.

Marei1998 offers a range of designs that are both classic and timeless, with environmentally-supportive, ethical materials and methods, to ensure durability and wearability. Linked by memories, each of our pieces has a unique story waiting to be told.